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Body of Needs is always adapting and growing with the latest in products and services. We want to make sure you always get to experience new treatments and products from around the world and we offer seasonal services that utilize our Acupressure Body Jets Steam Shower. Please check out the Calendar section of our website to find details about this service. This service can only be booked by phone or by coming to the spa


The Katari Detox and Re-mineralizing Ritual

  • Scrub
  • Wrap
  • Massage

Katari is an art of creating pure and effective self-care rituals using ingredients that came directly from the artisans of ancient Mediterranean. These products are deeply rooted in the stories of the people, traditions, and cultures of the Mediterranean.

In this detoxifying and Re-mineralizing ritual we begin by dry brushing your body to bring to the surface healthy, invigorated, and exfoliated skin to make your body more receptive to absorbing the Clay Wrap’s healing properties.

We then apply Argil 100% Tunisian Green Clay rich in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Gypsum, hundreds of trace minerals, and organic plant matter from the ancient seabed in the Atlas Mountains. This gives it an extreme pulling power to remove and traps toxins and impurities. It is naturally anti-bacterial and pH-neutral to infuse your body with natural nutrients while having a detoxifying affect.

Jojoba Plant Oil, 100% USDA and EURO-organic into the clay. Rich in Vitamin E, Hoba helps to carry nutrients to skin and it is a connector oil, allowing other nutrients to go deeper while replace toxins with moisture.  You are then wrapped in a heat blanket and given a 30 minute relaxing foot massage. You will then be taken to our Acupressure Body Jets shower so you can wash off in luxury before you return to your therapist for a full body massage with the oil of your choice.  Choose the oil depending on your body’s specific needs.

Choose One :

Pomegranate Oil is the perfect anti-oxidant moisturizer that help neutralize free radicals that affect how quickly we age. Pomegranate seed oil is just as amazing as the juice of the delicious ancient fruit of fertility and life.

Rosehip Oil is perfect for fighting signs of sun damage and dark spots, this oil can be used to promote healthy and clear youthful skin.  This oil will help tighten your pores and brighten your skin.

Black Seed oil is best for alleviating skin issues, disorders and holistically changing the health and look of the skin, used since the time of Pharaohs, black seed oil was known to cure ‘all but death’, as legend has it.

You’ll return home with the remainder of the oil you have chosen in the handmade glass amphorae as a keepsake. 


(90 Minute Service) —– $TBD